Frequently Asked Questions

Is electrolysis permanent?
Yes. Unlike laser, which is approved for hair reduction, electrolysis is a proven method of permanent hair removal.

Can I have electrolysis if I have undergone laser hair removal?
Yes, those clients who have reached a point of diminishing returns or have grey or blonde hairs that do not respond to laser treatment can often complete clearance with electrolysis. Many clients start with laser finish with electrolysis.

How long does it take to completely clear an area?
At any given time, only a certain percentage of hair follicles are active and can be treated. It is necessary to wait for for dormant follicles to become active before they can be treated. The period of dormancy varies by area being treated, and will affect the time to clear an area.

Are there any exceptions concerning permanency and duration of completion?
Yes, if there is a hormonal imbalance which would cause new growth. If this is the case, then a physician's assistance is needed to correct or control the imbalance. Also, some medications can stimulate new hair growth and your physician would be able to advice you concerning this matter.

Do you use disposable probes?
Yes, and sterilized forceps (tweezers)

Does it hurt?
There is some discomfort involved but very tolerable. Each person has a different threshold for pain and length of treatment. Some say that it is easier to tolerate than tweezing and others say that it doesn't bother them at all. While one client will only be able to tolerate 15 minutes per area, another client will be able to tolerate an hour or two. Topical anesthetics like EMLA or ElaMax can be applied before treatment to minimize discomfort during treatment.

Is there any scarring?
No, unless you are prone to keloid scarring which is very rare. Keloid scarring is common with African Americans but not typical. Keloid scarring is raised scar tissue which normally only occurs after an incision from surgery or an accident.

How much will it cost?
Electrolysis is very affordable and most clients figure what amount fits in their budget and sets up a schedule accordingly. Cost is $1 a minute plus a $10 flat fee. So for example, a 15 minute appointment is $25.

What happens during a consultation?
You fill out a short client history sheet, we discuss how the procedure works and then we do up to 15 minutes of electrolysis free so you can make a knowledgeable decision about proceeding forward with your treatment schedule.

How long have been an electrologist?
Over 20 years

Where are you located?
Southwest Austin with easy access from FM 620, Highway 71, Loop 360, Mopac and Greater Southwest Parkway.

How can I reach you to schedule a consultation?
Call me at (512) 899-2796 or e-mail me to schedule an appointment.

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