* Galvanic Electrolysis works by passing an electric current through the follicle that creates lye that breaks down the follicle. Galvanic is the slowest of all of the modalities.

* Thermolysis uses radio frequency energy to heat the tissue inside the follicle, causing it's destruction.

* The blend combines galvanic electrolysis and thermolysis. Galvanic current is applied to the follicle creating lye that is then heated by thermolysis, increasing the destructive effect of the lye.

* Flash thermolysis uses a computer programmed epilator that delivers a precisely timed pulse of radio frequency energy to destroy the follicle. This is the fastest of all methods and allows clearance of large areas in a single session.

  There are three primary modalities used to treat unwanted hair. They are galvanic, the blend and thermolysis (including flash thermolysis). All modes work by destroying the follicle that the hair grows from.

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